P.2 small book recordings

P.2 small book recordings


Unit 7: The Magic Science Museum


7.1.1 The Science Museum

7.1.2 The Mirror Room

7.1.3 Fun Time at the Science Museum


7.2.1 We Like Pictures

7.2.2 We like Zebras and Lions

7.2.3 Lions and Zebras


7.3.1 I am Scared

7.3.2 Rex is Scared

7.3.3 Spiders and Snakes

7.4.1 We must Keep Quiet
7.4.2 Fun in the Park
7.4.3 We like Kangaroos

Sound Book ‘think feather

Sound Book ‘cheese’

Sound Book ‘shoe’

Sound Book ‘ring’

Sound Book ‘television’


Unit 8: At the Beach

8.1.1 We are very Happy

8.1.2 I am Happy at the Beach

8.1.3 Happy and Tired


8.2.1 We are Running

8.2.2 We are at the Beach

8.2.3 At the Swimming Pool


8.3.1 Wake Up

8.3.2 Grandpa and Grandma Come to the Beach

8.3.3 The Bus is Coming


8.4.1 What can we see?

8.4.2 What is at the Beach?

8.4.3 Sharks and Dolphins at the Beach 


 Sound Book ‘sweet’


Unit 9: Our Cousins in Canada


9.1.1 This is me

9.1.2 We like Ice-skating

9.1.3 Things we like Doing


9.2.1 Going to Canada

9.2.2 Where are we Going?

9.2.3 We like Visiting


9.3.1 Our Parcels

9.3.2 We like our Presents

9.3.3 Presents


9.4.1 Who’s your best Friend?

9.4.2 Who’s going to Canada?

9.4.3 Who’s Waiting for a Birthday Present?


 Sound Book ‘rain’

Unit 10: A Tale of Two Turtles

10.1.1 I live in a Big Park

10.1.2 A Big Park

10.1.3 Where do we Live?


Sound Book ‘light’ 


 Unit 11: Souperman


 Unit 12: Henry Hamster’s Week