P.3 Small Book Recordings

P.3 small book recordings


Unit 13: Mouse to Mouse


13.1.1 Writing an e-mail

13.1.2 Where are they Going?

13.1.3 Who is Jumping on the Bed?


13.2.1 Can Coco Catch a Mouse?

13.2.2 The Cat and the Snake

13.2.3 Coco is Hungry


13.3.1 An e-mail to Mike

13.3.2 Where can we Play?

13.3.3 Let’s Meet 


13.4.1 Sliding

13.4.2 They are Naughty

13.4.3 Who is Naughty?


Sound Book ‘book’

Sound Book ‘moon’


Unit 14: Cool Kids


14.1.1 The Dog Fashion Contest

14.1.2 Who is the Winner?

14.1.3 Do You Like to Dress Up Your Dog?


14.2.1 Pink Dolphins

14.2.2 Dolphins in Hong Kong

14.2.3 Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphins


14.3.1 Food in Mega Mall

14.3.2 In Mega Mall

14.3.3 Free Coupons


14.4.1 Cat and Mouse

14.4.2 The Mouse Trap

14.4.3 The Cat Trap


Sound Book ‘corn’


Unit 15: The Pirate, the Parrot

and Fun at the Bun Festival 


15.1.1 May I go to the Bun Festival?

15.1.2 May I join the Bun Race?

15.1.3 Little Pang


15.2.1 The Surprise

15.2.2 How are we going to Cheung Chau?

15.2.3 Going to Cheung Chau


15.3.1 Yummy Buns

15.3.2 Are there any Buns for me?

15.3.3 The Hungry Bun


15.4.1 We’re Hungry

15.4.2 When’s Lunch?

15.4.3 What’s for Lunch?


Sound Book ‘house’

Sound Book ‘boy’


 Unit 16: Green Earth Project Week


16.1.1 Green Earth Week

16.1.2 Our Rubbish Machine

16.1.3 Our Green Earth Machine


16.2.1 My Group

16.2.2 Group Work

16.2.3 Smoke in the Jungle


16.3.1 Polly’s New Machine

16.3.2 Polly and Dolly

16.3.3 Happy Polly


16.4.1 Polly Went Clang and Clunk

16.4.2 Polly the Depollutionator

16.4.3 Holly Came to Town


Sound Book ‘star’

Sound Book ‘square’


 Unit 17: Amy’s Diary


17.1.1 A Happy Day

17.1.2 We were Tired

17.1.3 A Day Out in Hong Kong


Sound Book ‘bird’


 Unit 18: Florence and Drago